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Website Last Updated: 23:22 BST 15/09/20

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Sonic Stream

(15/09/20): Mearns FM's AAC+ stream currently unavailable.
(14/09/20): Both streams for Amber Sound FM working again.
(13/09/20): Both streams for Amber Sound FM are down.
(11/09/20): Stream address updated for Connemara Community Radio, (Thanks, Brian!)
(06/09/20): Like a proud father, we're pleased to announce the "graduation" of one of our sponsor stations, Actual Radio, to broadcasting on local DAB. The station launches at midnight on the Essex DAB multiplex!
(03/09/20): Bitrate for Phoenix FM (Halifax) increased to 192k!
(01/09/20): The following stations have relaunched as Greatest Hits Radio: Compass FM, Dream 100, Eagle Radio, 99.8 KCFM, KL.FM 96.7, Minster FM, Mix 96, Peak FM, Radio Aire, Radio Norwich 99.9, Rutland Radio, Sam FM (South Coast), Sam FM (Swindon), Signal 2, Signal 107, Spire FM, Spirit FM, Stray FM, Swansea Sound, The Breeze, Town 102, Wessex FM, Wire FM and Yorkshire Coast Radio. (Orphaned streams may be remaining under their previous station names for a short time). New addition for Radio Caroline Flashback which has launched on small-scale DAB+ in Cambridge and Norwich.
(31/08/20): Stream address updated for Big City Radio and is now working again. New addition for Greatest Hits Radio (East Midlands) as it launches on DAB tomorrow.
(30/08/20): New addition for Hits Radio (North Yorkshire) which launches on September 1st on local DAB! The Breeze in Southampton and Portsmouth rebrands to Hits Radio tomorrow at 12pm.
(29/08/20): We welcome back Colourful Radio who make a return to London DAB on Monday morning. Find them in our mp3, AAC+ and high-quality sections. Big City Radio currently unavailable.
(25/08/20): Stream address updated for 10Radio and is now working again. COMMUNITY RADIO: Cross Counties Radio launches in Lutterworth & Magna Park this Bank Holiday Monday and has been added to RadioFeeds! Stream address updated for Original 106, (Thanks, David!) LGBTQ+ station Hits Radio Pride launches on various DAB multiplexes on Friday and has now been added to RadioFeeds!
(24/08/20): Stream for 10Radio currently unavailable.
(23/08/20): We say hello to recently-launched TD9 Radio as they become the latest internet radio station to sign up for our sponsored listings scheme. The station provides a community service to the residents of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Find the station in our mp3 and high-quality sections.
(21/08/20): Street Sounds Radio is now testing on DAB in Essex ahead of their launch on August 31st and has been added to RadioFeeds!
(16/08/20): Stream address updated for 103.2 Dublin City fm and is now working again.
(15/08/20): New 192k stream added for Sonic Stream Radio!
(24/06/20): We've added station logos (where available) for users on Squeezebox, iPhone, iPad, Android and Xbox One. You'll see these on respective players.

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