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Welcome to a slimmed-down version of Australian Radio Online for your Pocket PC, Palm, or other Handheld PDA. Here, you will find your favourite Australian Networks webcasting on RealOne Player, Windows Media Player, Streaming mp3 and Other formats listed by State.

At present, only radio stations in the large networks are listed.

Remember to have the suitable players installed in order to hear each station. Please note that not all PDA devices are capable of playing the different stream types on offer from this site.

Pocket PC / Windows Mobile smartphone users:
The built-in version of Windows Media Player should handle virtually all of the Windows Media streams. For Real Audio streams, RealOne Player should be used. WM5/WM6 users: Please read first.
For mp3 and Ogg Vorbis streams, TCPMP should be downloaded and installed. aacPlus streams can also be accessed with the addition of this plugin for TCPMP.
It has been noted that Smartphone (i.e. Standard) editions of Windows Mobile have very stripped-down versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. As a result, some streams may error out. We recommend using the commercial Kinoma Play software to play such streams. Kinoma Play supports WMA, mp3 and full aacPlus streaming, and has Australian Radio Online Mobile already built-in.
Palm OS users:
Kinoma Player 4 EX should be used for Windows Media and mp3 streams. An in-built version of Australian Radio Online Mobile is included in the application's Media Guide.
aacPlus streams can be played through your web browser with TCPMP and this plugin.
Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:
WunderRadio supports virtually all stream formats: Windows Media, mp3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis and RealAudio.
Pocket Tunes Radio also supports aacPlus and Windows Media Intellistreams.
Google Android:
WunderRadio supports Windows Media, mp3 and AAC+ formats.
BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Storm:
WunderRadio supports Windows Media, mp3 and AAC+ formats.
Symbian S60 users:
RealOne Player can be downloaded for free here for RealAudio streams. For WMP, mp3 and AAC+ streams, the commercial application Kinoma Play for Symbian S60 can be purchased.
Palm webOS and Windows Phone 7:
We're looking into possible solutions. Nothing has surfaced just yet.

Enjoy your stay!

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