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Page last updated: 21/08/21

RadioFeeds never used to list internet-only stations. Why are you now offering to list them?

It is to allow serious/quality internet-only broadcasters the chance to gain exposure to the online radio listener community.

My station is already listed in other radio directories. Why would I want to list my station on RadioFeeds?

Since inception, RadioFeeds has had the policy of only listing real radio stations in the UK and Ireland - those broadcasting and licensed on FM / AM / digital / DTT / cable / satellite. Given this, broadcasters would now get decent exposure in the RadioFeeds directory with little risk of being diluted by an crowded list of hobby/bedroom radio stations, as can be witnessed in many other online radio directories who don't charge for a listing. We also offer a huge range of benefits from a listing with us - see below.

Why are you charging for this service?

Any serious online broadcaster would be expected to have a fund for publicity/marketing. Bedroom radio stations are unlikely to. Given this, it allows the wheat to be separated from the chaff.
Additionally, quality of content can be maintained within RadioFeeds, retaining the regular visitors who view RadioFeeds as a premier resource for internet radio (and who will hopefully give your station a try!).

What does my station get out of being listed on RadioFeeds?

As well as prime presence on the usual desktop version of the website (you'll be mingling with the other main stations), your station will be accessible* from:
- iOS devices on our unique "background" app-free player
- Android through our own screen-optimised pages and app-free player
- BlackBerry 10 on a dedicated app-free player, or on older BlackBerry models through a paid third party app
- Windows 10 Mobile on a dedicated app-free player
- Windows Phone 7 (and limited support on WP8) on a dedicated app-free player
- Windows RT tablets through our tailored web-player
- BlackBerry PlayBook tablets through our tailored web-player
- Nokia S60 3rd edition through a paid third party app
- Reciva radios through a manual add-on (currently standing at over 700 registered users)
- Frontier Silicon Wi-Fi radios through our own station addition tool

- Logitech Squeezebox through an official app available in their built-in gallery, and also through a server plugin (>1000 registered users)
- Brennan B2 integration. An unbranded version of RadioFeeds comes built-in with every B2 music player device.
- Freecom MusicPal through a manual add-on (>50 registered users)
- Smart TVs through our tailored web-players for specific models. Major brands are supported: LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony.
- Amazon Fire TV set top boxes and sticks through our tailored web-player
- Xbox One games consoles through our tailored web-player
- Sony PlayStation 3 games consoles through our tailored web-player
- Google Chromebooks through our tailored web-player
- RadioFeeds-branded homebrew on the Wii (available in the homebrew browser directory)
- Email notification when we receive a report that your feed is down
- Publicity on the news section of our website and on social media
- A three-letter-code URL shortener pointing to a player selection page specifically for your station.

Your station will also be added to* which will enable your listeners to record shows from your station to listen to later.

*Compatible streams may be required. Please ask for further details.

How much are you charging to list a station?

10/13 for three months' listing, payable via PayPal. A 30 day termination/renewal notice is required (we will do the chasing up). Discounts may be offered for multiple related "stations".

An invoice for the third month will be sent around 45 days into the listing. Failure to pay this on the 60th day of the listing will be considered as the station's 30-day termination notice and may result in the renewal of the fourth month being forfeited to those in the waiting list.

Can we try out your service first?

You can opt for a no-commitment trial for 5/6.50 for 30 days' worth of listing. This is renewable, subject to availability.

Stations that have chosen to take three separate trials in succession are not automatically qualified for the lower 10/13 rate after those three months.

What stations qualify for this service?

Any music or speech station based in the UK (including British Crown Dependencies) or Ireland can by listed. Since there is no regulation of output on internet-only stations, those deemed to be airing or likely to be airing offensive content may be excluded at the discretion of RadioFeeds. The decision of RadioFeeds will be final.

How do you plan on keeping the RadioFeeds database uncluttered?

We don't intend to list more than 15 sponsored stations at any one time. If demand exceeds supply, then a waiting list will be set up. Subscribing stations will be informed of any changes to this policy.

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